For your convenience, we have gathered together a library of some of the best horse books available on the net.  They cover all aspects of man's interaction with the horse, including breeding, training, horsemanship, making money with horses, and some of the most famous fiction ever written about our favorite subject - the horse!  Enjoy!

The Tennessee Walking Horse
The Tennessee Walking Horse
by Lori Coleman
The Horse
30,000 Years of the Horse in Art
by Tamsin Pickeral
The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse and Pony Encyclopedia
by Sandy Ransford
Horses: Their Temperament And Elegance In The Photographs Of Gabrielle Boiselle The Complete Book of Horses, Horse Breeds and Horse Care
by Judith Draper
International Encyclopedia
of Horse Breeds
by Bonnie Hendricks
of the Quest
by Betty Goldman & Robert Vavra
Horse Breeds
of the World
by Nicola Jane Swinney & Bob Langrish
The Allure
of Horses
by Bob Langrish
Horses 2007 Calendar
by Bob Langrish
THE ECHO OF HOOFBEATS: a History of the Tennessee Walking Horse by Dr. Bob Womack
Biography of the Tennessee walking horse by Ben A. Green
Dictionary of Equine Terms
In the Company of Horses: A Year on the Road With Horseman Mark Rashid
Dancing with Your Dark Horse: How Horse Sense Helps Us Find Balance, Strength and Wisdom
by Chris Irwin
A Good Horse Is Never a Bad Color by Mark Rashid
Lipizzaners The Photographic Story of the White Stallions of Vienna by Alois Podhajsky
Tennessee Walking Horses by Victor Gentle
The Tennessee Walking Horse by Charlotte Wilcox
Gaited Horse: A Daily Journal by Karen Jean Matsko Hood
Complete Guide to Horse Breeds by Viv Foster
The Horse: The Complete Guide to Horse Breeds and Breeding by Jane Kidd


Gaited Horse Activity And Coloring Book
by Karen Jean Matsko Hood
Funny Cide: How A Horse, A Trainer, A Jockey and A Bunch of High School Buddies Took on the Sheiks and Bluebloods ... and Won
by Sally Jenkins
War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo
Dark Horse
by Tami Hoag
Breaking Free
by Lauren   Brooke
The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy
(This is one of the BEST horse stories ever written!)
I Am
The Great Horse
by Katherine Roberts
The White Horse of Zennor
by Michael Morpurgo
The Horse Whisperer
by Nicholas Evans
Triple Crown Omnibus: Nerve; Dead Cert; For Kicks
by Dick Francis
The Black Stallion Adventures
4 Volume Box Set
by Walter Farley
Mares, Mud, and Manure: A Collection of Poems for Horse Lovers
by Nancy Callery
National Velvetby Enid Bagnold Thunderhead
by Mary O'Hara
My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara
THE ECHO OF HOOFBEATS: a History of the Tennessee Walking Horse
by Dr. Bob Womack
Biography of the Tennessee Walking Horse by Ben A Green
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell



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