The information on these pages reflects the data recorded under the horse's listing on the TWHBEA's IPEDS database, and includes the registration name and number; gender; sire and dam; and foal date. Further information can be obtained directly from the IPEDS listings.   The designations, (D) = deceased, and (I) = imported, and (U) = imported in utero are used, where known.  Foals are only listed with pending numbers if both parents can be found on IPEDS.  These pending numbers will be added as soon as they become available on IPEDS.

If you have any of the missing photos, please email the name, TWHBEA registration number and the photo to "The Big List".   Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Let's demonstrate to the rest of the Walking Horse industry that Europe really DOES have the spirit of co-operation necessary to successfully promote the breed in this part of the world!!

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