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In the following pages, we hope to bring you all the information you need to assist you converting from your current trotting mount to the pleasures of riding a gaited horse. If you DON'T ride already, ask yourself this.  Can you sit in a chair?  Can you ride a bicycle?  Yes?  Then you can certainly ride a Tennessee Walking Horse.

A Tennessee Walking Horse is one of the easiest, most gentle, most user-friendly breeds of horse to own.  Contrary to myth, a flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse requires no special training, shoeing or equipment, other than a snaffle bit with a small shank, and a saddle that is cut back from the withers to accommodate the neck and shoulder action of the gait. 

NOTE:  Please don't be surprised to see that very few riders on Tennessee Walking Horse sites are wearing riding helmets.  The criteria for considering a horse to be well broke appears to be a lot stricter in North America. Consequently, the majority of riders spend their whole lives on horseback without ever seeing a riding helmet, let alone wearing one.  This is not because of a lack of regard for safety.  On the contrary, needing a helmet to ride a horse would indicate to North Americans that the horse should not be considered safe to ride, and is in need of further training. It's all in the point of view. 

 The Little Gold Tennessee Walking Horse -  Bansidhe Graphics", created for Walkers West in 1998, is visiting the United Kindgom to demonstrate the famous Running Walk.

If you fail to find the answers to your questions in these pages, please feel free to contact us BY EMAIL, or by phone at 02476-686807 (UK) or PH. 001-250-732-2376 (Canada).  We will be very pleased to help you.

cover cover cover cover cover
The Art of Horsemanship by Xenophon, the Greek Complete Training of Horse and Rider


The Way of the Horse: How to See the Way A Horse Does Horse, 
Follow Closely : 
Native American 
Horse Care
Horse Handling & Grooming : A  Guide to Mastering  Horsekeeping Skills
by Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh

Improve Your Horse's Well-Being: A Step-By-Step Guide to Ttouch and Tteam Training
Author: Linda Tellington-Jones

Getting in T touch: Understand and Influence Your Horse's Personality
Author: Linda Tellington-Jones

An Introduction to the Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method: The T.E.A.M. Approach to Problem-Free Training
Author: Linda Tellington-Jones
A Ttouch of M.A.G.I.C. for horses
The A-Z book of unique training & health care techniques (Tellington ttouch ttips)
The Tellington TTouch for horses
Step-by-step, a photo illustrated guide for doing the TTouch

Author: Linda Tellington-Jones


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