As with any breed, the favoured bloodlines of the Tennessee Walking Horse have undergone many changes through the years.  However the test of time has delivered up a few very special individuals whose genetic makeup provided the true and consistent gaits, conformation and disposition so sought after by Tennessee Walking Horse breeders.  Such horses can be found repeatedly in the pedigrees of all the World Grand Champions and other legends of the breed.


By 1945, there was a total of 11,800 entries in the stud books of the TWHBEA and more than 10,000 of them traced to Allan F-1, - - 2,785 bearing his name.  This is one of the greatest records that has ever been made by any of the great sires of light horse breeds. His most famous son was Roan Allen F-38. ==>


100 percent of all living Walking Horses trace to Roan Allen F-38.  His two most famous sons were Merry Boy and Wilson's Allen From the huge number of Foundation Stock horses sired by Allan F-1 and Roan Allen F-38,  Wilson's Allen and  Merry Boy were perhaps the most powerful contributors to the gene pools of today, and crosses between the lines of these two horses were among the most successful of any.   This cross still exists in matches between the offspring of Prides Generator and The Pusher C. G.
Merry Boy

The fact that Wilson's Allen completely dominated the early World Champion-ships left little for the offspring of other sires. The best that Merry Boy's get could do was compete for what remained after the Wilson's Allen's colts left the ring. With few exceptions, this pattern would constitute the story of Merry Boy's life as a sire of show horses. The only two World Grand Champion horses that were sired by Merry Boy are the black mare, Black Angel who won in 1943, and Merry Go Boy, who won in 1947 and 1948.

Black Angel, World Grand Champion in 1943 Merry Go Boy, World Grand Champion in 1947 and 1948

Wilson's Allen's blood dominated the male line of the breed for 40 years after his death. We cannot help but be amazed at the potency of Wilson's Allen. He, more than any other horse, carried on the torch left by Allan F-1 and Roan Allen F-38. He brought stamina and dignity to the breed, and his colts exhibited a looseness that was not noticeable in the get of other sires. Since his son, Strolling Jim won the first World Grand Championship in 1939, only three World Grand Champions (Black Angel, Merry Go Boy, and Go Boy's Shadow) do not trace directly to this incomparable sire.

Wilson's Allen
Wilson's Allen

Wilson's Allen sired 482 registered foals, and five World Grand Champions, including the immortal Midnight Sun If a list were to be made of the greatest Tennessee Walking Horses of all time, Wilson's Allen would find that his son, Midnight Sun was his only rival for the top spot. 

The immortal Midnight Sun - the 'Horse of the Century' and World Grand Champion in 1945 and 1946.

Midnight Sun was THE big horse of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed.   Named 'the Horse of the Century, he was the first stallion to become world grand champion of this breed.  That was in 1945 and 1946 at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration at Shelbyville, Tennessee.   Then he sired horses that were grand champions there seven times; grand-sired the supreme winner five times;  and was the great-grandsire of nearly EVERY year's champion since that time. On only FOUR occasions since 1949,  have horses NOT descended from Midnight Sun, in a straight male line, been world champions of this breed.

Midnight Sun demonstrating the unsurpassable disposition he passed on to his progeny.

Midnight Sun demonstrating the unsurpassable conformation he passed on to his progeny.

The two sons of Midnight Sun who produce the most World Champion progeny were Pride of Midnight HF and Midnight Mack K.

Pride of Midnight HF

Midnight Mack K
Midnight Mack K.

Ironically, neither of these stallions won World Grand Championship themselves.

Today, Midnight Sun still appears in the pedigrees of most top quality horses, through the progeny of the breed's two most predominant stallions - Prides Generator and The Pusher C. G.   In fact, horses with pedigrees rich in Midnight Sun blood that do NOT descend from Pride of Midnight HF are VERY RARE, and should be much sought after, as valuable outcrosses to the offspring of Prides Generator and The Pusher C. G.


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